Welcome To FreeIM.org

When most people think about instant messaging they think of teenagers popping smiley faces and “LOL’s” back and forth, but these days instant messaging is used by businesses and colleges to communicate with employees, students and clients, and is quickly replacing phone services as the preferred method of communication. I prefer chatting online for quick questions over a drawn out phone call any day.

Whether you use an iPhone or Android device, coupon code for Boost Mobile or Verizon, a tablet or a Mac, there are hundreds of instant messaging apps just waiting for you to download them. So how do you know which apps are worth downloading and which are better off thrown back in the app store’s junk pile?

At FreeIM, we personally review all apps to make sure we would use them ourselves before we would ever recommend them to you. We don’t get paid, and we’re not tied to any business so we make sure we provide honest, high quality reviews so you’re not wasting your time, or worse missing out on an important message from a friend or client because your IM app wasn’t working properly.

There’s a lot to instant messaging these days with everything from coding and design to political issues like concerns about NSA spying with instant message, texting and chat applications, and that could be a whole site unto itself, but on this site we’re only talking about usability and function and we’ll leave the political stuff at the door.